Product Matrix

Pack size604048363610101010
Capacity200ml1.4 lt.2.0 lt.4.5 lt.4.5 lt.12.5 lt.17.5 lt.23.0 lt.24.0 lt.
Weight (ea.)60 gr.250 gr.180 gr.250 gr.280 gr.700 gr.875 gr.1050 gr.1125 gr.
Type1 piece1 pieceNestingNestingNestingNestingNestingNestingNesting

Features Common to All Units

Interstacking or ‘nesting’ for space saving storage. Two versions of top opening, 90mm and / or 125mm apertures. (125mm not suitable for RE2LS) Fingerguards with needle notch. Red ‘click in type seal’ final closures. Colour: Hazard yellow and purple for cytotoxic waste, in accordance with Australian Standard AS4031/92. Cytotoxic Waste Safes available in 5, 12.5, & 23.0 lt. versions. Appropriate biohazard warnings are printed prominently on all containers (collectors) together with ‘fill lines’ and destruct information.


The ‘yellows’ are for the fast effective collection of unwanted clinical waste (ordinary). The ‘purples’ are for collection of all items used in cytotoxology, cytotoxic waste.

The 125mm lid aperture is ideal for theatre use accepting larger items such as swabs, gauze, bindings and bandages, adhesives, masks, gloves, givingsets etc.

The smaller 90mm aperture is best suited for smaller items such as hypodermic needles and other sharp items.

All units can be used with or without finger guards although their use is highly recommended.


When the containers is filled or no longer required it is easily ‘final sealed’ with the final closure (colour red), which ‘click fits’ and is attached to each lid.

Ecologically Responsible

All materials used in the construction of IDC Disposal Safes are of the highest ecological standard. Homopolymer polypropylene and/or polyethylene are used which transpose readily into harmless ordinary waste during incineration. No harmful dyes or colourings are used which could produce poisonous gases and emissions.


Strong ‘clinical white’ trolly/wall combination brackets are available for the RE2LS, RE4LS, RE10LS and the RE15LS. A strong ‘wheel-about’ trolly (foot push) fits the RE10LS, RE15LS and the RE20LR. For the RE20LR a stainless steel bracket (order code SS20) is also available.