Medical Waste Collectors

The Best and Safest Medical Wastes and Sharps bins!

There's one to suit your needs.

Safe, strong, economical & modern … among the very best! 13 types suiting hundreds of applications from the tiny needle safe to voluminous theatre (yellow) and cytotoxic (purple) units. Although there are many, here are just a few points you might like to know about.

  • friendly4 (1)Readily seen and identified with oversized ‘on container printed’ biohazard warnings, destruct info, fill line and product’s numbers etc.
  • Strong & safe – twice the wall thickness of Australian Standards requirement. Resistance to penetration 35n (AS 4031 requires 12.5n).
  • Solid footprint – square bottom edged for secure positioning.
  • Positive non slip grip handle with lift capacity in excess of 70 kilograms per handle.
  • Interstacking (nesting) for real storage space saving.
  • Environmentally safe polypropylene container burns like paper, transposes to CO2 & water during incineration which assists in burning waste contents cleanly.
  • Safe, waxbased, natural colours only. No cadmium or lead based dyes.
  • Funnel type ‘Fingerguards’ – large 125mm or 90mm with ‘all needle types’ integrated needle remover notch.
  • Click & seal rapid, secure ‘Final Closure’ system.
  • Brackets for wall or trolley use.
Medical Waste Collectors