Fingerguard 90mm

Code: FG/90

The ‘Fingerguard’ is a safety device, incorporating a needle remover notch. The Fingerguard click-fits into the 90mm circular opening in the lid of the sharps container.

The Fingerguard is shaped like a funnel & has a number of separated ‘flexible fronds’.  As the name ‘Fingerguard’ implies, these fronds are designed to perform as a barrier & to protect the hand & fingers from coming into contact with sharps waste which has previously been deposited into the sharps container .  A centered opening allows easy access into the sharps container for disposal of smaller sharps waste items. The fronds will also expand inward to facilitate the disposal of bulkier waste items.

The 90mm Fingerguard fits these sharps containers:  RE2LS (2 litre square) & RE4LS (4.75 litre square). The Fingerguard / Final Closure system was designed by the IDC development team in conjunction with health care professionals.

Instructions: When the sharps container is full or ready for disposal, press the 90mm Final Closure into the top of the Fingerguard to permanently seal / lock the sharps container.  Please note that the Final Closure (colour red) click fits into the ‘innermost’ edge of the Fingerguard, not into the separating groove.