Final Closure 125mm

Code: C125

The ‘Final Closure’ is, as the name implies, the final seal of the sharps or cytotoxic container. Once the Final Closure seal has been locked the IDC Container is ready for final destruction, according to regulations. The 125mm Final Closure is for use with Sharps Containers RE4LR, RE10LS, RE15LS, RE20LR, VC24LR & cytotoxic containers RE4LCT, RE4LCTR, RE10LCT & RE20LCT.

Instructions: Your IDC Sharps & Cytotoxic Containers feature improved ‘Fingerguard’, ‘Plain Guard’ & ‘Cyto Guard’ with needle notch. Please note that the Final Closure click-fits into the ‘innermost’ edge of the Fingerguard, Plain Guard & Cyto Guard and not into the separating ‘groove’.