1.4 Litres Sharps Container



Type: One piece Moulded, Polypropylene
Description: Yellow Medical Waste Disposal Safe
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Capacity to fill-line (safe useable space): 1.2 litre
Capacity to spill-line (maximum): 1.4 litre
Fingerguard (white): 90mm diameter
Deposit Aperture: 30mm (can be extended to 55mm)
Final Closure (white): 90mm
Needle Notch: 5 / 3 mm x 30mm
Ideal application: Bedside, trolley clip-on or wall mounting; sharps,
small waste, e.g. band aids, needles, broken glass, swabs.
Shape: Square
Dimensions (mm): 200 (h) x 95 (w) x 95 (d)
Standard pack size: 40 units in carton
Weight of pack: 10 kg
Pack dimensions (mm): 480 (d) x 480 (w) x 430 (h) mm
Accessories: Wall / Trolley Bracket (code: RE1B)