Steri 60 Litre
Autoclavable Medical Waste Container


Type:Seamless Injection Moulded
Description:’Yellow’ Medical Waste ‘Steri Safe’
Re-order number:QSsi 60
Capacity to fill-line:51 litres
Capacity to spill-line:60 litres
Top Opening:365 mm x 340 mm
Ideal Application:Sterilisation Container. Contaminated clinical waste transformed into neutralised waste as a result of the autoclave process.
Dimensions (mm):520 mm (h) x 390 (w) x 390 (d)
Standard pack size:5 units in carton
Weight of pack:10 kg
Pack dimensions:920 mm (h) x 400 (w) x 400 (d)

About Steri Safe

Safety Container, for sterilisation and disposal of medical waste. Available in 35.0 / 60.0 litre.

A safe and stable container for the disposal of infectious clinical waste, which will be converted into non-hazardous waste by sterilisation during the autoclave process.

Types: QSsi 35.0 / QSsi 60.0

Material: Polypropylene