Quick Safe 1 Litre Sharps Container


Type:Seamless Injection Moulded
Description:’Yellow’ Medical Waste ‘Quick Safe’
Re-order number:QS 1.0
Capacity to fill-line:850 ml (safe useable space)
Capacity to spill-line1 litre (maximum)
Lid aperture:25mm x 50mm (not including needle remover / pull off / twist off device)
Final closure (red):50 mm
Ideal application:Bedside, trolley or table/tray mounting; sharps, small waste, e.g. needles scalpel-blades, blood pipettes, broken glass, swabs, band-aids etc.
Dimensions (mm):200(h) x 98(w) (top) x 76(w) (bottom)
Standard pack size:50 units in carton
Weight of pack:3.5 kg
Pack dimensions (mm):545 x 370 x 380

About Quick Safe

Sharps Container, 1.0 Litre

For used cannulas, scalpels, blood pipettes, broken glass, swabs. Universal stripping / detaching devices suitable for all common cannula types. “Special” twist-off device for Insulin Pens.

Optimal & practical Sharps container for the disposal of sharp and dangerous objects in the in-patient and out-patient area. Large insertion slot for the user friendly disposal of sharps, pointed & dangerous objects in hospitals, clinics, doctor’s rooms etc.