300 ml RIGI-mini


Type:Injection Moulded
Description:’Pocket’ / table-top needle safe
Re-order number:QSrigi
Capacity to fill-line:250 ml (safe useable space)
Capacity to spill-line300 ml (maximum)
Lid aperture:15mm x 20mm (not including needle remover / pull off / twist off device)
Final closure (red):40 mm, clip for temporary use or final seal
Ideal application:For table-top or pocket/bag; small sharps, e.g. needles
Shape:Square (ish)
Dimensions (mm):160(h) x 45(w) x 80(d)
Standard pack size:30 units in carton
Weight of pack:1.5 kg
Pack dimensions (mm):430 x 340 x 260

About Rigi Safe

Sharps Container, “personal” 300 ml, a handy size for used cannulas. The safe, handy sized sharps container, for doctors, nurses, ambulance and Rescue Service. Also for disposal of used cannulas directly at the patient’s bed.

Type: QS rigi

Material: Polypropylene, metal-spring, lid polyamide

Universal pull-off / twist-off device for cannulas and blood sample systems.

For Final Closure of the Rigi-Box, press both arrow-marks firmly to engage the Lid in its locking position.

For the coat-pocket, the doctor’s bag and for the Rescue Service.