Medical Disposal Safety Tips (what are the most common mistakes)

Medical Disposal Safety Tips
September 11, 2017 Safety Disposal

How should one dispose medical wastes?
Here are some useful tips.

Medical Disposal Safety Tips

Do you work in the healthcare industry? Did you know that according to the World Health Organization, approximately 15% of the waste produced by healthcare facilities are infectious, radioactive, or toxic?

This emphasises the importance of learning the correct practice of disposing of medical waste. Not only does improper medical waste disposal put patients and healthcare providers at risk, it can also lead to grave legal consequences that are not just limited to paying fines.

It may seem that dangerous medical waste comprises only a small percentage of the wastes in a medical facility.However, its impact can become significant if it is neglected. Here are some common mistakes done in handling medical waste and the proper way to do them.

1. Using the wrong containers for medical wastes

The container for storing specific kinds of medical waste is quite crucial when handling and transporting them for disposal. Infectious waste should be placed in a leak-proof, spill-proof, and puncture resistant container.

Healthcare professionals often fail to transport sharps the proper way. Needles and other kinds of sharps may tear or puncture abiohazard bag. You need to place the sharps in a rigid container before putting them in a biohazard bag.

Using a laundry detergent container or empty milk bottle is not recommended. You should also properly seal the container before shipping in order to secure them during transport.

2. Putting pharmaceuticals together with medical waste

The best way to dispose of pharmaceuticals is putting them in waste bins that are specificallymade for pharmaceuticals. The waste should also be sorted into different containers depending on their type.

An expert vendor can help you outwith correctlydiscarding this kind of waste. Just tell them what type of pharmaceuticals you want to get rid of.They will explainthe proper method that protects the environment and complies with the regulations.

3. Discarding medical waste that contains mercury together with the other wastes

Mercury-containing waste such as amalgam capsules, amalgam fillings, dental traps, thermometers, and aneroid hypertension devices should be separatedfrom other types of medical waste. It should also not be discarded in the sewer, garbage, orsharps containers. Itshould be removed and labelled as mercury waste or as items that are for reclamation.

4. Failing to do proper documentation of medical waste during storage and disposal

The medical waste collected in a facility should have the appropriate tracking documents at all times. The quantity of waste, date transported and the name of the hauler that will transport the waste should be indicated. This will make sure that everything is accounted for all throughout the process of disposal.

5. Multitasking

Drinking, smoking, eating, or applying make-up while you are dealing with medical waste will put your health at risk. Since medical waste have hazardous components, handlers are strictly prohibited to perform other activities to avoid exposure.

6. Opening containers for medical waste

A medical waste container shouldn’t be touched, inspected, or re-organised once it has already been sealed. Opening the sealed container may lead to exposure and contamination.

7. Failing to use proper protection while handling medical waste

If you are assigned to handle medical waste, you are required to wear protective equipment. This includes a face mask, nitrile gloves, full-length gown, and goggles.

8. Failing to maximise the use of compliance tools given by the supplier

A medical waste supplier usually provides tools to ensure compliance to waste regulation. You should know how often these tools are modified and check the current condition of your resources.

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