Instructions for Use – RE Series Sharps Containers

IDC Waste ‘Disposal Safes’
for Contaminated Medical Materials

friendly4 (1)Thank you for using IDC Disposal Safes!

You have chosen one of the best purpose designed medical waste collection containers avauilable in Australia. You also save storage space because of the ‘nesting’ design.

How to:

Every DISPOSAL SAFE ( ill. D ) is supplied with one LID ( ill. C ), one FINGERGUARD ( ill. B ) and one FINAL CLOSURE ( ill. A )

All components ‘click fit’ into each other. Always install and use Fingerguards when the Disposal Safes are used for the disposal of sharps.

When your Disposal Safe is filled, or ready for disposal simply click the Final Closure into place (Directly into the Lid or Fingerguard, depending). Fitting the Final Closure readies the container for proper disposal according to regional regulations and requirements.

For your personal protection and the safety of others using the same container please remember that:

Polymer products, although puncture resistant, are not entirely puncture proof. Always follow the guidelines set down by the Infection Control Association. Never fill a container above the indicator fill line. Never force an article into a Disposal Safe. Never, ever deposit syringes with the needle pointing upwards.