RED Z” – 1.36 Kilo Bucket

These solidifiers are specially formulated with a wetting agent for encapsulating blood or other potentially infectious fluids found in suction canisters, bags etc.

For example, where treatments require the use of Suction Canisters, such treatment generally produces a considerable volume of body fluids and infectious waste. When disposing of these materials with conventional procedures, the possibility of splashing, spraying, or leaky canisters can present a serious risk in the workplace. The handling of liquid waste is eliminated when, for example, 30 grams of ‘Red Z‘ is emptied directly into the canister – within minutes the canister’s contents is firmed and solidified. The special wetting agent enables Red Z to sink to the bottom of the canister, rise through the liquid, ensuring total solidification. 1.36 kilograms of Red Z with wetting agent will solidify up to 105 litres of water-based liquid.

The benefits are:

  • Have an extremely powerful polyacrylate base for optimum solidification
  • Change hazardous liquids into an easy-to-handle gel
  • Isolate, contain and prevent the spread of biohazardous fluids
  • Minimise splashing, spraying and splattering of blood or other potentially infectious fluids
  • Eliminate the problem of disposing free liquids into landfills
RED Z – 1.3 Kilo