Biohazard ‘Clinical Waste’ Bag S50B

The 50 litre is a ‘lay flat’ bag. Dimensions 630mm x 800mm.

Waste Bag Properties / Characteristics

The clinical waste bags that IDC Medical offer have an impact resistance test result of 265 grams.

The gauge of these Polyethylene bags is 55 microns. Made using a ‘smart’ linear low-density resin resulting in extra toughness. The use of smart resins, at half the gauge, reduces the volume of polyethylene disposed of into the environment. All colouring is organic. This results in the bags having a ‘creamy’ yellow colouring. No harmful (to the environment) metal compound additives such as titanium or lead oxide are used to colour the bags.

Many bags sold into the market are 70-90 microns made from recycled resins. They are easily identified because of their ‘bright’ yellow colouring – due to the metal compound additives used in the colouring process such as lead oxide. When burnt such bags are not ecologically friendly, because the burn results in harmful emissions (due to the colouring additives) being released into the atmosphere. Consequently the actual colour will determine the eventual emissions.

Incineration Data

Polyethylene is a flammable material but it does not spontaneously ignite at normal temperatures. Significant amount of flame are required for ignition.

Once polyethylene has been ignited, the combustion reaction is highly exothermic (generating heat). Polyethylene will sustain a flame once ignited.

Since the components of polyethylene films are carbon, hydrogen and oxygen, the major products of combustion are carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide and water. This is similar to burning natural gas. The relative concentrations of the products of combustion will depend on the availability of oxygen and other atmospheric conditions.

Burning of polyethylene plastic will leave almost no residues, as the product contains almost no inorganic components. Care should be taken that material adhering to the plastic to be burnt, does not produce harmful products in combustion.

Biohazard ‘Clinical Waste’ Bag S50B