About IDC Medical

The Business was originally started as an “ideas development” business. Many ideas & patents later, the firm diversified into Medical Plastics / Disposable Products & Sharps containers in 1988. IDC is today, a leading supplier of Sharps and Cytotoxic Waste Containers in Australia.

IDC has a comprehensive range of Sharps and Cytotoxic Waste Containers available for the collection of medically contaminated waste from the ‘TINY’ Needle Safe to the large capacity 60 litre Theatre Type ‘Disposal Safe’ Sharps Container with a full range of other sizes in-between. IDC developed a unique Final Closure system for Sharps Containers and Cytotoxic Containers that is fast, easy and secure.

We supply Sharps Containers & Hospital Plastics which incorporate design ideas by HealthCare professionals and by those who work with contaminated waste products every day.  We invited many hospital / medical professionals to tell us what they really wanted in the Sharps and Cytotoxic Containers they use on a daily basis. We listened and our products now include many of these suggestions. We are at a point far beyond the original ‘simple’ concept of ‘safe’.

IDC products are realistically priced and, in many cases, below prices offered by some of our competitors.  IDC products are sold across Australia, New Zealand and exported to the near Pacific Islands.

IDC have specialised in medical waste disposal products & hospital needs. We are one of the few companies in Australia that really specialises in the field of sharps containers. And, we still invite comments, so . . . if you have suggestions for positive improvements, please tell us. We’ll try to incorporate your suggestions.

About IDC Medical